What We Do


Our mission is to foster a better understanding of basic financial principles so that you can better prepare for the steps of your financial journey, make the informed decisions and the cheerleading we all need to continue those choices when it is difficult, and finally to reap the benefits of your hard work! We find that goals can be accomplished with a well thought out plan using many different strategies, based on risk levels and financial needs.

The three steps on your financial journey are:

  1. Protection
  2. Accumulation
  3. Distribution


We believe a prudent way to protect your greatest asset (future income) is through low cost, quality life insurance.  Equally as important as you get older is protecting your current assets in the event that long term care is necessary.


To accomplish this phase we discuss mutual funds, different types of annuities, retirement funding(business plans and personal) emergency funds, etc.


Once you reach the age of working only when you want, it is time to benefit from the time and effort you have placed into your retirement plan!!  This may be a time to move some of your assets around, based on your needs, risk tolerance and assets!  Again, we are here for you throughout this whole process.

 This is accomplished by using some of the following products:

Term Life Insurance

Mutual Funds


Retirement Plans

Long Term Care Insurance